In Swastik Enterprise, we have our own in-house flex and vinyl printing unit. With our expert team of graphical designers and in-house infrastructure, we deliver high quality and on-time solutions to any sorts of graphical demands of our clients. And all these works are performed through high-end latest pieces of machinery operated by professionals.

We provide a wide range of flex and vinyl printing services. Our self-adhesive materials can be used on a wide range of surfaces. There are special materials used in the making of these printings that makes it suitable for the various location, i.e. indoor and outdoor. So, you can easily use these printings on vehicle signage, window display graphics, floor graphics, signboards, etc. These printings are printed on the latest types of machinery and available in full colour. These customized printings are also available in different shapes and sizes. You can also cut it as required if provided the information beforehand.

Machine Details

Here are some of the latest high-end machinery that we use to provide quality and prompt flex and vinyl printing services.

Metal Laser Cutting Machine
CNC Metal Laser Cutting Machine
Hydraulic press Brake
CNC Hydraulic press Brake
Automatic Powder Coating Plant
Automatic Powder Coating Plant with 7 Tank Pre- Treatment Process
Hp Latex eco solvent machine
Hp Latex eco solvent machine
Welding Machine
High Voltage MIG Welding Machine
Surface Grinding Machine
Surface Grinding Machine
Spot Welding Machine
Spot Welding Machine
Roller Bending Machine
Roller Bending Machine
Radial Drill Big Size
Radial Drill Big Size
Hand Drill Machine
Hand Drill Machine
Manual Panel Saw
Manual Panel Saw
Edge Bander
Edge Bander

List of Machineries

Sl. No. Name of Machine / Equipment Make Capacity Qty Date/ year of Installation
01 CNC Metal Laser Cutting Machine HSG 2000W 1 July 2020
02 CNC Hydraulic press Brake Hindustan Hydraulic 800KN 1 April 2020
03 Automatic Powder Coating Plant with 7 Tank Pre-Treatment Process Excellent System 1 July 2020
04 High Voltage MIG Welding Machine ESAB 2 July 2020
05 High Voltage MIG Welding Machine ESAB 2 July 2020
06 Surface Grinding Machine BOSCH/KPT 2 July 2020
07 Spot Welding Machine Local 1 July 2020
08 Roller Bending Machine Local 1 July 2020
09 Radial Drill Big Size Local 1 July 2020
10 Hand Drill Machine BOSCH/KPT 4 July 2020
11 Manual Panel Saw JAI 1 October 2017
12 Edge Bander JAI 1 October 2017
13 Roller Press JAI 1 October 2017
14 Dust Collector JAI 1 October 2017
15 Air Compressor Macshe 1 November2017
16 45kVA Silent DG Set Ashok Leyland 1 March 2018
17 50 kVA Automatic Regulating Instrument Sen Pandit 1 March 2018
18 10kva Online Ups Sen Pandit 1 March 2018
19 Circular Saw Dhanjal 1 May 2018
20 Inkjet Printer Colour jet 1 August 2018
21 1325G Laser Machine inan Senfeng 1 February 2018
22 CNC Router Excitech 1 January 2018
23 Inkjet Printer NEGI 1 August 2014
24 Plotter Graptec 1 March 2017
25 Lamination Machine Assembled 1 December 2017
26 Circular Machine: Acrylic, MDF, Plastic Sheet Cutting Dhanjal 1 5th May'' 2018
27 Degree Cutting Aluminium and Iron Channel Dewalt 1 5th May'' 2018
28 Aluminium and Iron Pipe Cutting KPT Power Tools 1 5th May'' 2018
29 Acrylic and MDF Format Cutting 1 18th May'' 2018
30 Grinding and Polish, Acrylic Sheet Awon Engineering 1 18th May'' 2018
31 Electric Welding Machine Gee Limited 1 18th May'' 2018
32 Electric Drill Machine P P Enterprise 1 18th May'' 2018
33 Magnet Drill KPT Power Tools 1 18th May'' 2018

List of Testing & Measuring Equipments

1 Digital (Digimatic) Calliper Mitutoyo 1 0 - 150 mm
2 Vernier Calliper Mitutoyo 1 0 - 300 mm
3 Steel Scale Mitutoyo 1 2ft
4 Steel Scale Mitutoyo 1 4ft
5 Steel Scale Mitutoyo 1 1ft
6 Bevel Protector Mitutoyo 1 0° - 180°
7 Micro Meter Mitutoyo 1 0 - 25 mm
8 Digital Elcometer Elcometer (Great Britain) 2 0 - 1000 Micron
9 Steel Tape Freemans 2 3 mtr

Workshop/Production House

Our workshop or product house consists of different types of the latest machinery used for the production of different materials according to our clientś demand. Some of the popular machinery that we possess in our workshop are wooden machinery, printing machinery, and metal machinery. All of these machines are of the latest model and high-end materials.

The process of production starts with taking order and incoming material stacking. Then it does according to the nature of the demand like whether it is a printing job or metal fixture, etc. You will find the full detail about the process we follow below down here. These machines are only operated by trained and professional technicians along with the guidance of designers. So, there is no chance of any mistake. All the hygienic standards are followed in our workshop as we are always concerned about our employees as well as the products. You will get the product in the best quality and state that is our guarantee.